1. Cultural Heritage Conservation, UNESCO Conventions on Heritage and George Town World Heritage Sites (WHS)
    • Course introduction, UNESCO Conventions on heritage standards and guidelines, and Outstanding Universal Values (OUV) of George Town WHS.
  2. Safeguarding Tangible Cultural Heritage: Conservation and Case Study
    • Safeguarding tangible cultural heritage of both natural and cultural attributes for transmission across generations.  
  3. Safeguarding Intangible Heritage and Cultural Values
    •  Safeguarding intangible cultural heritage relates to the transfer of knowledge, skills, meanings and values over generations.
  4. Jawi  Peranakan Malay Heritage and Gastronomy
    • Every person has the right to practice his/her culture, religion, language, traditions and gastronomy in a multicultural society of Penang, Malaysia.  
  5. Transportation System as Catalyst of Movement in Heritage Cities
    • Traffic circulation and accessibility to heritage destinations are key considerations for residents, visitors and the business community of George Town WHS.
  6. Ecology and Nature Conservation
    • Cultural heritage conservation has significant ecological and environmental benefits that can promote sustainable development.
  7. Global Tourism Trend   
    • Visitors worldwide enjoy creative arts, cultural history and local heritage to enrich their memorable tourism experience.
  8. Heritage Tourism and Commodification  
    • Cultural heritage tourism brings economic benefits to visitors, business operators and the host community through smart partnership among stakeholders.