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Ernawati Mustafa Kamal (Dr.)

Universiti Sains Malaysia
11800, Penang, Malaysia
Tel: 604-6535932/6019-4764002
Email : ernamustafa@usm.my or ernamustafa@yahoo.com


Academic Qualifications   Bachelor of Science Housing, Building & Planning, Universiti Sains Malaysia

M.Sc Project Management, Universiti Sains Malaysia
PhD in Construction Management, University Of Reading
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  1. Innovation in construction organisation
  2. Absorptive Capacity
  3. Technology/Knowledge Transfer
  4. Small and Medium Sized Enterprise

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1. Absorptive Capacity and Implementation of New Technology in Small and Medium Sized Construction Companies, Incentive Grant, USM, RM 5,000.00, 19/6/2012 - 18/6/2013  (Principle Researcher)
2. Fundamental Classification of Innovation Creation and Adoption in the Malaysian Construction Industry, Fundamental Research Grant Scheme (FRGS), Ministry of Higher Education Malaysia, RM 50,000.00, 1/6/2012 - 31/5/2014   (Co-Researcher)



1. Lai Kong Seng, Organizational Culture To Support Innovation Creation And Adoption In Malaysian Design Firms (Co-Supervisor)
2. Adinoyi Yaqoob Moohammad, Assessment  Of Innovation Practices Among  Construction Industry Professional Firms In Nigeria (Co-Supervisor)



  International Conference Proceedings
1. Yusof, N. A. and E. M. Kamal (2013). Pro-Environment Practices Among Construction Practitioners: Suggestions for Future Graduates’ Education. Research in Engineering Education Symposium 2013. Kuala Lumpur.
2. Yusof, N. A., R. Roosli, et al. (2012). Fundamental Classification Of Innovation Creation And Adoption In The Malaysian Construction Industry. 6th International Conference and Workshop on the Built Environment in Developing Countries (ICBEDC). Adelaide, South Australia: 890-901.
3. Kamal, E.M and Flanagan, R. (2009)  ‘Measuring the Impact of Innovation on SME Companies in Malaysian Construction Sector’. Proceedings of International Conference on Global Innovation in Construction, 13th – 16th September 2009, Holywell Park, Loughborough University, UK. (pp360-371).
4. Kamal, E.M (2008) ‘Research Design - Measuring the Impact of Innovation on SME Companies in Malaysian Construction Sector’. PhD Workshop in 9th International CINet Conference, 5th – 9th September 2008, Universidad Politecnica De Valencia, Valencia, Spain (17pp).
  International Journals
1. Kamal, E. M. (2013). "Absorptive Capacity in Construction SMEs: A Literature Synthesis." World Applied Sciences Journal 21(8): 1122-1127.
2. Kamal, E. M. and  R. Flanagan (2012). "Understanding Absorptive Capacity in Malaysian Small and Medium Sized (SME) Construction Companies  " Journal of Engineering, Design and Technology 10(2): 180-198.
3. Kamal, E. M., S. H. Haron, et al. (2012). "The Critical Review on the Malaysian Construction Industry." Journal of Economics and Sustainable Development 3(13): 81-87.
4. Haron, S. H., R. Roosli, E.M. Kamal  (2012). "Crime prevention and community safety in Malaysia from territorial functioning perspectives: an updated review." International Journal of Academic Research 4(3): 42-46.
1. Application Software Used in Building Project Delivery in Nigeria (2012), Journal of Engineering, Design and Technology, Editor: Professor Theo C. Haupt


  International Level
1. Presenter for 1st International Conference on Innovation and Sustainability for the paper titled ‘Innovation Creation and Adoption in the Malaysian Construction Industry: Research Proposal’ on 3-4 April 2013 at Sunway Resort Hotel.
  University Level
  1. Speaker for 8th Postgraduate Seminar on “Tips on Conducting The Literature Review” on 26th September  2012
  2. Attended ’Sambutan Hari Wanita Antarabangsa 2012 Peringkat USM Anjuran Pusat penyelidikan Pembangunan Wanita (KANITA)’  on 8th March 2012
  3. Attended ’Seminar Perumahan anjuran Jabatan Perumahan Negara, Kementerian Perumahan dan Kerajaan Tempatan’, DTSP, USM, 18 October  2012
  4. Attended Workshop E-Learn@Usm (Ipad For Teaching & Learning) on 23rd October 2012
  5. Attended Workshop On Writing For High Impact Publication: Improving Success Rate on 30th October 2012