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B. Sc. HBP (Architecture)


The Bachelor of Architecture (B.Arch) Programme in the School of HBP is unique among courses offering LAM Part II accreditation.  This is a continuation of Bachelor of Science HBP (Architecture) or a similar Degree from other local universities or abroad with LAM Part I or equivalent. In addition to training future architects to be competent in exploring the design process and related skills vital to a professional architect, it also provides opportunities for students to conduct a special area of study touching on contemporary issues such as sustainability, special technologies, conservation or other areas of special interests.

The course comprises of two years where the first year aims at exposing students to a housing design of unique nature as a human settlement concept and also  multi-storey building design with emphasis on technological aspects, as the two major projects.  Students are also expected to explore smaller projects of different variety, sites, context and scale.

In the final year, students are expected to do an independent design thesis study of a challenging typology that suits their interest and touches on wider architectural issues.  An important element of the design is the energy efficient consideration as one of the objectives to produce future designers who are energy conscious, forward thinking and sensitive at exploring architecture design within an array of contemporary issues and styles.

The pre-requisite to enter the course is to have undergone a total duration of 6 months practical training (can be in two consecutive - 3 months & 3 months). The path to Bachelor of Architecture that is offered by the School of HBP is shown below:


Courses & Syllabus

Courses and syllabus for the Bachelor of Architecture programme, as follows:

A. Core Courses 

  • RUS104 - Integrated Studio I      
  • RUS106 - Design Studio                
  • RAG121 - Environmental Science I
  • RAG132 - Introduction to Built Environment & Human Settlement           
  • RAG161 - Building Construction I              
  • REG163 - Theory of Structures I
  • RAS203 - Architectural Studio 1 
  • RAS204 - Architectural Studio 2 
  • RAK232 - Principles of Architecture Design
  • RAG265 - Building Construction 2             
  • RUL274 - Compulsory Practical Training 
  • RAS305 - Architectural Studio 3 
  • RAS306 - Architectural Studio 4 
  • RAK344 - History and Theory in Architecture 1    
  • RAK346 - History and Theory in Architecture 2

B. Elective Courses

  • RMK153 - Principles of Construction Economics*              
  • RAG232 - Architectural Working Drawing & Documentation*      
  • RAG234 - Computer Aided Design for Architecture*       
  • RMK252 - Principles of Project Management*   
  • REG261 - Building Services*        
  • REG 266 - Theory of Structures II*           
  • RAG322 - Environmental Science 2*       
  • RAG333 - Advanced Computer Aided Architecture Design*         
  • RAK 345 - Housing Studies*        
  • RMK354 - Construction Law *    
  • REG360 - Industrialised Building System (IBS)*   
  • RAL371 - Measured Drawing *

*Recommended courses

Job Prospects

This course can help you become a:

  • Building Technician
  • Architectural Drafter
  • Architect
  • Architectural Educator
  • Architectural Critic and Writer
  • Urban Designer
  • Building Materials Consultant
  • Environmental Consultant
  • Government Agency Worker