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B. Sc. HBP (Interior Design)


Interior design is the art of visualizing interior ambiance and developing the interior environment. The design must be aesthetically appealing, technically sophisticated and fulfilling the needs of the clients. Interior designers need to be creative, innovative, imaginative and artistic. They also need to be disciplined, organized, skilled and scientifically inclined.

Interior designers are responsible for the creation of internal environments that are pleasant, comfortable and functional.  These conditions are achieved through the understanding of space planning, colors, materials, space psychology and themes of space. Apart from these, the interior designers are exposed to the understanding of built environment criteria including building structure, building services and building management. Similar to architecture, it would be useful for candidates applying for this course to have good drawing skills although designers are encouraged in the application of computer-enhanced or computer-aided design methods to display their space planning and visualize the physical space in 3-dimension accordingly.

Courses & Syllabus

A. Core Courses               

  • RUS104 - Integrated Studio I      
  • RUS106 - Design Studio
  • RAG161 - Building Construction I              
  • RDS201 - Interior Design Studio 1             
  • RDS202 - Interior Design Studio 2             
  • RAG234 - Computer Aided Design for Architecture          
  • RDG235 - Ergonomics    
  • REG261 - Building Services           
  • RDG262 - Interior Design Lighting             
  • RUL274 - Compulsory Practical Training 
  • RDS301 - Interior Design Studio 3             
  • RDS302 - Interior Design Studio 4             
  • RDG334 - Theory and History of Design 
  • RDG336 - Professional Practice for Interior Design           
  • RDG366 - Furniture Design           

B. Elective Courses

  • RAG121 - Environmental Science I*        
  • RPG131 - Applied Quantitative Methods*            
  • RAG132 - Introduction to Built Environment & Human Settlement*         
  • RMK153 - Principles of Construction Economics*              
  • REG163 - Theory of Structures 1
  • RDB217 - Exhibition and Display*             
  • RAK232 - Principles of Architectural Design          
  • RMK252 - Principles of Project Management*   
  • RDG313 - Design Workshop*     
  • RDB314 - Design Management 
  • RDG323 - Design Presentation Techniques*       
  • RAG333 - Advanced Computer Aided Architecture Design*         
  • RAK345 - Housing Studies

*Recommended courses

Job Prospects

After successfully completing 3 years of study at HBP, students will graduate with a Bachelor of HBP (Hons) Interior Design. Aspiring interior designers are able to then take up positions with interior design firms, design consulting offices, architecture firms, corporate design departments or government design agencies.