B/Sc. (Hons) HBP (Architecture) USM - KPT(PoliPD)

B. Sc. (Hons) HBP (Architecture) Offshore Programme USM-KPT (PoliPD)

Bachelor of Science (Hons.) (Housing, Building and Planning) (Architecture) off-shore programme USM-KPT (PoliPD) is a 3-year full time programme conducted at Polytechnic Port Dickson (PoliPD), Negeri Sembilan. The candidates must complete 127 units to graduate. Integrated approach of the programme is maintained where academicians from various built environment disciplines, such as town planning and design, construction methods, building services, building laws and regulations, professional practice and building technology are involved. Upon graduation, graduates will be awarded Bachelor's Degree with Honours (Housing, Building and Planning) (Architecture) which is equivalent to LAM Part 1. The offshore programme is a joint-programme between PoliPD and HBP in establishing a collaborative course. For more information please click the weblink : USM-KPT 

For Admission information: Admission@USM

For online application to the program: Pohon@USM