B. Sc. HBP (Building Technology)


Building Technology is a multi discipline programme incorporating the technical aspects of engineering and building services. The courses in the programme are similar to many basic civil engineering subjects in which students are exposed to construction and building services such as structure, building materials, land survey, building infrastructure, fire prevention and fire safety, air conditioning and mechanical ventilation, transportation in buildings as well as electrical and lighting systems.

Courses & Syllabus

The main objective of the Building Technology programme is to produce graduates with a broad understanding of basic construction technology and methods. In addition, they will also be able to have a good understanding on the basic management of construction projects. Graduates from this programme will obtain a BSc (Hons.) HBP Building Technology.

 A. Core Courses

  • RUS104 - Integrated Studio I
  • RUS105 - Integrated Studio 2
  • RAG161 - Building Construction I              
  • REG163 - Theory of Structures I
  • RES201  - Building Technology Studio 1   
  • RES202  - Building Technology Studio 2   
  • REG232 - Land Surveying              
  • RMK252 - Principles of Project Management      
  • REG261 - Building Services           
  • REG266 - Theory of Structures II               
  • RUL274 - Compulsory Practical Training
  • RES303  - Building Technology Studio 3   
  • RES304  - Building Technology Studio 4                     
  • REG361 - Methods of Construction         
  • REL370  - Building Technology Studies    

B. Elective Courses

  • RAG121 - Environmental Science I*        
  • RAG132 - Introduction to Built Environment & Human Settlement*
  • RMK153 - Principles of Construction Economics*              
  • RQG236 - Measurement 1*
  • RQG237 - Measurement 2
  • REG265 - Infrastructure Technology*    
  • RMK350 - Administrative Law* 
  • RMK354 - Construction Law        
  • REG360 - Industrialised Building System (IBS)*  
  • REG363 - Site Investigation*      
  • RMK364 - Construction and Finance Management 2
  • REG368 - Road and Transportation*        
  • REG369 - Steel Structures            
  • REG370 - Building Forensic and Maintenance*
  • REG371 - Design of Structures* 

*             Recommended courses

Job Prospects

Upon graduation, graduates can expect to be employed in the construction industry as site managers, site supervisors, assistant engineers and designers. The career also leads to being contractors, building consultants, developers as well as building suppliers. For those who want to serve as a government servant, they can apply for a placement at agencies relating to housing and building departments.