M. Sc. Housing


The increasing in demand and supply in the housing sector is largely due to the increase in population and rising affluence. The rapid growth of urbanisation and globalisation has put pressures on urban and housing development.  Housing problems arising from this phenomenon are complex and possible solutions are hampered partly due to lack of skilled personnel. This programme is envisaged to fill the present vacuum. The objective of the programme is to train students with a broad range of issues in housing, increase the  knowledge on relevant aspects of decision making, professionalism and management in various housing sectors, both locally and internationally, and assisting the housing sector in research relevant to national development.

Courses & Syllabus

The curriculum is divided into 3 main aspects (a) ocial, economic, planning, law and policy, (b) design, technology and environment and (c) financial, management and administration.

A. Core Courses

  • Planning and Housing Development
  • Research Project in Housing*
  • Housing Research Method
  • Housing Design
  • Housing and Technology
  • Law and Housing
  • Case Studies
  • Research Project in Housing
  • Socio-Economic Aspects of Housing
  • Housing Management and Finance

B. Elective Courses

  • Enviornmental Impact Assessment
  • Landscape Resource Management
  • Regional and Rural Planning
  • Computer Application for Planning
  • Sustainable Development Planning

The full-time programme covers a minimum of one year academic session, or equivalent to two semesters (including the submission of a research project). The part-time programme covers a minimum 2 years academic sessions, or equivalent to four semesters (including the submission of a research project).


Job Prospect