M. Sc. Building Technology


This programme is one of six MSc programmes currently offered by the School. The main objective of the programme is to train graduates with expertise in science and technology of building construction, infrastructure, building system and structure, materials technology, building services and maintenance, building control and automation, geotechnic and geosystem as well as building energy studies.

Courses & Syllabus

 The Programme consists of the following courses:

  • Building Science and Environment
  • Construction Geotechnology
  • Building Services Technology
  • Sustainable Infrastructure
  • Sustainable Buildings
  • Sustainable Construction Technology and Management
  • Buiding Pathology and Maintenance
  • Advanced Construction Materials
  • Research Project in Building Technology 

The full-time programme covers a minimum of one year academic session (equivalent to two semester). Part-time programme covers a minimum of two years (for semesters).

Job Prospects