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Research Grant

National Grants


No. Project Leader Title Start Date Finish Date Category
1 Abdul Malek Abdul Rahman Prof. Dr. The Use of Hybrid Turbine Ventilator (s) (HTV) for Effective Temperature Reduction in Different Air Volume Dimension of Building Interiors 1/6/2013 31/5/2015 ERGS
2 Abd. Naser Abd. Ghani PM Ir. Dr. Sand Removal Systems For Rural Water Supply Dam 1/8/2014 31/7/2016 PRGS
3 Abdul Rashid Abdul Aziz Prof. Sr. Dr. "Global Financial Crisis and The Financial Performance of Public Listed Property Companies and REITS: A Four Nation Study Involving Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand and Indonesia. 1/12/2013 31/5/2015 NAPREC
4 Abu Hassan Abu Bakar Prof. Dr. Modelling a successful project portfolio management in Malaysian construction industry 1/5/2013 30/4/2015 FRGS
5 Ahmad Puad Mat Som PM Dr. Re-Branding Ipoh's Tourism Icons And Its Marketing Towards International Tourist Destination 1/9/2014 31/1/2015 Institut Darul Ridzuan
6 Aldrin Abdullah PM Dr. A multi-theoretical approach to examining the causes of fear of crime 1/5/2013 30/4/2016 FRGS
7 Amin Akhavan Tabassi Dr. Extending the conflict management theory to the transformational leadership theory in construction industry 1/5/2013 30/4/2016 FRGS
8 Arman Abdul Razak En. Tinjauan semula terhadap Model Kebarangkalian Huff: Rujukan ke atas kepelbagaian profil pengunjung ke kompleks membeli-belah 1/7/2014 30/6/2016 FRGS
9 Azizi Bahauddin PM Dr. Formulating Apparel Retail Design Criteria For Premises In Shopping Malls 1/12/2013 30/11/2016 FRGS
10 Azlan Raofuddin Hj Nuruddin PM Sr. Development of New Procurement Method for the Application of IBS Modular System in Housing Projects 1/7/2014 30/6/2017 FRGS
11 Badaruddin Mohamed Prof. Dr. Physical & Environmental Rusal Tourism Capacity Framework 10/1/2011 30/9/2016 TAYLOR'S UNIVERSITY
12 Cheah Chee Ban Dr. The Geopolymerization Hydration Kinetics Governing The Solidification of Coal And Wood Biomass Ash Cementless Concrete 1/12/2013 30/11/2016 FRGS
13 Ernawati Mustafa Kamal Dr. "Government Role Towards Home Ownership" 1/12/2013 1/6/2015 NAPREC
14 Hasnanywati Hassan Sr Dr. Heritage Buildings: Renewal Approach in the Preparation of Tender Document 1/5/2013 30/4/2015 FRGS
15 Jamil Jusoh En. Penerokaan Elemen Pelancongan Warisan Melayu Yang Tersembunyi di Melaka 1/6/2013 31/5/2015 ERGS
16 Mahyuddin Ramli  Profesor Dato' Ir. Dr. Accelerated curing model for styrene-butadienrubber (SBR) modified cementitious 1/5/2013 30/4/2016 FRGS
17 Mahyuddin Ramli  Profesor Dato' Ir. Dr. The Novel Accelerated Curing Regime For Polymer Modified Precast Elements Using Biomass Energy 1/6/2014 1/11/2016 Sciencefund
18 Mahyuddin Ramli  Profesor Dato' Ir. Dr. The Fundamental Model For Synergizing The High Performance Polymer Modified Concrete Treatment System with The Renewable Energy Technology 12/1/2015 11/1/2018 FRGS
19 Mariati Taib @ Mohd Taib Dr. Understanding the Behaviour of Industrialised Building System (IBS) Panel Connection Using Finite Element Model 1/12/2014 30/11/2017 FRGS
20 Mastura Jaafar PM Dr. Examining the Impact of Building Design on Maintenance of the Public Hospital Building in Malaysia 10/1/2012 31/1/2016 NAPREC
21 Mastura Jaafar PM Dr. Sr. Socio-Economic Rural Tourism Capacity Framework 10/1/2011 30/9/2016 TAYLOR'S UNIVERSITY
22 Mastura Jaafar PM Sr Dr. A model for understanding workplace bullying among Malaysian workers 1/5/2013 31/10/2015 FRGS
23 Muna Hanim Abdul Samad PM Dr. The Optimum Performance of Green Buiding Facade for Effective Internal Environment Quality 1/6/2013 31/5/2016 ERGS
24 Nazirah Zainul Abidin PM Dr. Soft Costs Model and Influences on Green Construction Projects 1/12/2014 30/11/2016 FRGS
25 Noor Faisal Abas Dr. The Investigation of Mix Design Approach Using Various Type of Malaysian Clay As A Cement Replacement Material in Concrete For Green Construction Technology 31/12/2014 31/12/2017 FRGS
26 Nor Zarifah Maliki Dr. Formulating an Assessment Tool Examine Malaysian Children's Connectedness to Nature and Their Preferences in Space Planning 1/7/2014 30/6/2017 FRGS
27 Nor'Aini Yusof PM Dr. Exploring Pro- Environment Practices in Malaysian Construction Industry: What Gets Implemented and Where? 1/6/2013 31/5/2015 ERGS
27 Normah Abd Latip Dr. Ecological Carrying Capacity Theory in the Conservation of Mount Kinabalu 1/7/2014 30/6/2017 FRGS
29 Omar Osman Prof. Dato' Dr. Conceptualizing Local Knowledge:  A Study on Sustainable Value of Local Wisdom and Indigenous Science 20/09/2012 19/9/2016 LRGS
30 Radzi Ismail Dr. Identifying the Housing Crime Prevention Criteria through Natural Surveillance Practice for the Mass Development of Crime Prevention among Developers in Malaysia 1/5/2013 30/4/2016 FRGS
31 Shardy Abdullah Dr. Pembentukan Kerangka Kerja bagi Mempertingkatkan Aspek-aspek Kritikal Penyelenggaraan Bangunan di Peringkat Rekabentuk 1/6/2013 31/5/2016 ERGS
32 Shardy Abdullah Dr. Pengembangan terhadap Teori Gelagat Pengguna: Rujukan kepada Pembayar Cukai Taksiran 1/5/2013 30/4/2015 FRGS
33 Shardy Abdullah Dr. Pembentukan Amalan Terbaik Pengurusan Penyenggaraan Harta Tanah Perumahan Pihak Berkuasa Tempatan 1/7/2012 31/5/2015 NAPREC
34 Sharifah Fairuz PM Dr. Reformulating the UBBL 40(1) and (2) on the ventilation and day lighting requirements of air well design in residential buildings 1/5/2013 30/4/2015 FRGS
35 Suraiyati Rahman Dr. Establishing An Interpretation Model of Built Heritage Commodification for Tourism in Georgetown, Penang 1/7/2014 30/6/2017 FRGS
36 Syarmila Hany Haron Dr. Formulating Territorial Functioning Theory as a Crime Prevention Tool in reducing Victimization and Fear of crime in Housing Areas 1/7/2014 30/6/2016 FRGS


Research University Grants

No. Project Leader Title Start Date Finish Date Category
1 Abu Hassan Abu Bakar Prof. Dr. The Impact of Project Portfolio Performance In Malaysia Construction Industry 1/3/2015 28/2/2017 RUI
2 Ahmad Puad Mat Som PM Dr. Tourism Planning 1/6/2011 31/5/2016 RU
3 Ahmad Sanusi Hassan PM Dr. Resident's Satisfaction And Sun Shading Model of Apartment Façade In Kuala Lumpur 1/12/2013 30/11/2016 RU
4 Aldrin Abdullah PM Dr. The Association Between Incivilities , Physical Activities and Antisocial  Behaviour In Youth 1/9/2014 31/8/2015 RU (Top Down)
5 Amin Akhavan Tabassi Dr. Advancing Our Understanding of Conflict Management on Yeamwork Performance In The Construction Industry 15/4/2015 14/4/2018 RUI
6 Azizan Marzuki Dr. Establishing a New Model of Beach Resort Morphology in Coastal Tourism Destination 15/12/2012 14/12/2015 RU
7 Badaruddin Mohamed Prof. Dr. Tourism Carrying Capacity 1/6/2011 31/5/2016 RUT
8 Badaruddin Mohamed Prof. Dr. Tourism Research Cluster 1/6/2011 31/5/2016 RU
9 Cheah Chee Ban Dr. Utilization of Coal Ash A Primary Binder In Cementless Bricks 1/12/2013 30/11/2016 RUI
10 Hanizam Awang Dr. Potential of Incorporating Oil Palm Ash Waste Into Foam Concrete: Towards Green Construction 1/12/2013 30/11/2015 RU
11 Mahyuddin Ramli  Profesor Dato' Ir. Dr. An Ultra Light Weight Floor Slab System For Industrialized Building System (IBS) 1/12/2013 30/11/2016 RUI
12 Mastura Jaafar PM  Dr. Sr. Sustainable Tourism Research Cluster 1/6/2011 31/5/2016 RU
13 Mohd Wira Mohd Shafie Prof. Madya Dr. Integrated Crowd and Health Management System 1/10/2014 31/5/2015

RU (Top Down)

14 Mohd. Zailan Sulieman Dr. A Mechanical And Thermal Insulation Properties Study On The Performance of Oil Palm Shell (OPS) As Coarse Aggregate In Lightweight Concrete 1/12/2013 30/11/2015 RUI
15 Nor'Aini Yusof PM Dr. Drivers/Barriers of Innovation Adoption and Creation Among Construction Companies In Malaysia 1/3/2015 28/2/2017 RUI
16 Normah Abd Latip Dr. Spectacle of Nature: Local Indigenous Community Involvement In Conservation And Sustainable Tourism In 'Wild' Borneo Area 1/12/2013 30/11/2016 RU
17 Roslan Talib En. Formulating New Method In Preventing Roof Leaking on Malaysia Heritage Buildings 1/12/2013 30/11/2015 RU
18 Shardy Abdullah Dr. Determining the Critical Components of Maintenance Culture Among Public Building Users 15/12/2012 30/6/2015 RU

Short-term Grants

No. Project Leader Title Start Date Finish Date Category
1 Ahmad Hilmy Abdul Hamid Dr. Development of Selection Criteria for Optimal Bus Routes 1/9/2014 31/8/2016 Short Term
2 Atasya Osmadi Dr. The Performance of M-REITs in a Shariah-Compliant Mixed-Asset Portfolio 15/11/2013 14/11/2015 Short Term
3 Cheah Chee Ban Dr. The Development of an Ultra Durable and High Strength Polymer Modified Fibrous Cementitious Composite 15/3/2014 14/3/2016 Short Term
4 Ernawati Mustafa Kamal Dr. Measuring Absorptive Capacity in SME Construction Companies 1/6/2014 31/5/2016 Short Term
5 Faizal Baharum Dr. Influence of Energy Saving Elements on Energy Saving in Residential Building: The Case Study of High-Rise Condominium in Malaysia 15/9/2014 14/9/2016 Short Term
6 Ilias Said Prof. Madya Dr. Developing Market Segmentation of Mall Shoppers in Malysia: Towards Meeting the Shoppers Design Requirements 1/11/2014 31/10/2016 Short Term
7 Ku Azhar Ku Hassan Prof. Madya Ar. Dr. Architectural Education: The Organization of Design Studio Learning in Developing Student Creativity and Positive Outcome 15/9/2014 14/9/2016 Short Term
8 Mariati Taib @ Mohd Taib Dr. The Robustness of Steel Connections at Ambient and Elevated Temperatures 1/9/2014 31/8/2016 Short Term
9 Mazran Ismail Dr. Field Study of Indoor Environmental Quality (IEQ) in Portable Steel Office Cabins in Hot-Humid Malaysia 15/10/2012 30/4/2015 Short Term
10 Md Azree Othuman Mydin Sr Dr. Development of Empirical Model to Predict Mechanical Properties of Foamed Concrete at Elevated Temperatures 1/6/2014 31/5/2016 Short Term
11 Mohd Najib Mohd Salleh Sr. Penggunaan Kecekapan Tenaga Sekolah Kebangsaan di Pulau Pinang Berdasarkan Kriteria Penarafan Indeks Bangunan Hijau Malaysia (GBI Malaysia) 12/1/2011 30/11/2015 Short Term
12 Mohd Wira Mohd Shafie Prof. Madya Dr. Identifying the Building Elements Performance Towards the Development of Malaysian Energy Certification Systems 1/11/2014 31/10/2016 Short Term
13 Nik Fuaad Nik Abllah Pollution Studies and Development of Sewerage System for Clan Jetties, Penang 1/9/2014 31/8/2016 Short Term
14 Norhidayah Md Ulang Dr. Communication of Construction Health and Safety Information in Design phase 15/3/2014 14/3/2016 Short Term
15 Rahmat Azam Mustafa Dr. Makanan Bandar Sebagai Pembikin Tempat dan Pembentukan Naluri Tempat di Pulau Pinang 4/1/2013 31/03/2015 Short Term
16 Suraiyati Rahman Dr. Exploring the Heritage Commodification Process of Boutique Hotels in Georgetown, Penang 15/8/2014 14/8/2016 Short Term
17 Syarmila Hany Haron Dr. Relationship Between Burglary and Urban Design 15/6/2012 15/3/2015 Short Term
18 Zul Zakiyuddin Ahmad Rashid Issues on Trees: Malaysian Legal Perspective 1/6/2014 31/5/2016 Short Term

Other Grants

No. Project Leader Title Start Date Finish Date Category
1 Abu Hassan Abu Bakar Prof. Dr. Conservation of Management And Process of Malay Vernacular House Construction in Northern States of Malaysia: An Exploratory Study 1/9/2013 31/8/2015 Geran Kearifan Tempatan
2 Aldrin Abdullah Prof. Dr. Sekretariat Urban Agriculture project 1/12/2013 30/11/2015 APEX DE2012
3 Jamel Ariffin En. Student's Urban Agrotecture Farming Project 1/12/2013 30/11/2015 APEX DE2012
4 Nor 'Azam Shuib En. Garden In A Bag- Demonstration Plot 1/12/2013 30/11/2015 APEX DE2012



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