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Architalent Future City Competition

Architalent Future City Competition

July, 2nd 2022 Architecture USM sweeps 2000 USD in cash prizes being the top prize winners at the 4th Architecture Students Design Competition - Architalent Future City Competition. Organized by Archidex, Pertubuhan Akitek Malaysia (PAM) and C.I.S. Network Sdn. Bhd., this prestigious competition accumulates to a total prize reward of 2700 USD. The competition has attracted more than 50 entries from local and international institutions. Four of USM teams made it to the final top 10. The objectives of the Architalent are to discover the potentials of students in imagining the future cities and the way of delivering ideas. Architecture USM with...



Setinggi-tinggi Tahniah Kepada PROFESOR DATO DR. ALDRIN ABDULLAH, Mantan Timbalan Naib Canselor Hal Ehwal Pembangunan Pelajar dan Alumni Universiti Sains Malaysia diatas Penganugerahan Darjah Dato' Setia Paduka Tuanku Syes Sirajudddin Jamalullail (D.S.P.J) Yang Membawa Gelaran Dato', Sempena Sambutan Ulang Tahun Hari Keputeraan Yang Ke-79 D.Y.M.M. Tuanku Raja Perlis

Nor Fadzila Binti Aziz(Dr.)
E49 Room 113
School of HBP
USM 11800 Penang, Malaysia
Tel : 604-653 2813
Email : nfadzila@usm.my


Academic Qualifications

  •         Ph.D (Architecture), Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (2014)
  •          MSc Landscape Architecture, Universiti Sains Malaysia (2009)
  •          BSc HBP (Architecture) (Hons), Universiti Sains Malaysia (2007)

Professional Membership


Personal Details
 Dr. Nor Fadzila Aziz is a lecturer and researcher in the School of HBP, Universiti Sains Malaysia since October 2014, specialising in landscape architecture. She received Ph.D in Architecture from Universiti Teknologi Malaysia. Her major research area is children behaviour with outdoor environments. Her work highlights the affordances of outdoor environment as phenomenal landscape for children’s outdoor play and environmental learning. She has published 10 papers in journals and conference proceedings. Currently, she was invited by Springer to contribute a chapter to the Geographies of Children and Young People.



Ph. D (on going):


·         Nor Diyana Mustafa – The effect of childhood experience on adults relationship with the outdoor and natural environment


Indexed Journals (3)

1. Aziz, N. F., & Said, I. (2011). The trends and influential factors of children’s use of outdoor environments: a review. Asian Journal of Environment-Behaviour Studies, 2(5), 67-80.

2. Aziz, N. F., & Said, I. (2012). The trends and influential factors of children's use of outdoor environments: a review. Procedia-Social and Behavioral Sciences, 38, 204-212. Elsevier.

3. Yatiman, N. A., Aziz, N. F., & Said, I. (2012). Affordances of homeschool journey in rural environment for children's performances. Procedia-Social and Behavioral Sciences, 68, 395-405. Elsevier.

Journal Paper (in development) (1)

1. Aziz, N. F., & Said, I. (2014). Affordances of school grounds on children’s outdoor play behaviour (working title).

Seminars and Conferences (7)

1. Aziz, N. F., Yatiman, N. A., & Said, I. (2013). Mapping model of school ground’s affordances: children inform the gaps of the actual and ideal environment for environmental learning. 3rd International Conference of Child Friendly Asia Pacific Network. 27-29 June 2013. Kathmandu, Nepal.

2. Aziz, N. F., & Said, I. (2013). Rethinking the ideal school ground environments for environmental learning through children’s drawings. 5th World Conference on Educational Sciences (WCES 2013). 5-8 February 2013. Rome, Italy. (In press for Procedia Social and Behavioral Sciences).

3. Said, I., Aziz, N. F., Sahimi, N. N., & Yatiman, N. A. (2012). Redefining the meanings of placeness and placelessness of children in urban environment. International Seminar on Place Making and Identity (Placid 2012). 26-27 September 2012. Banten, Indonesia.

4. Aziz, N. F., & Said, I. (2012). Children’s preferences for school ground elements: a pilot study. 6th South East Asian Technical University Consortium (SEATUC6) Symposium. 6-7 March 2012. Bangkok, Thailand.

5. Aziz, N. F., & Said, I. (2011). Potentialities and challenges of green school grounds for children’s outdoor learning: a review. 5th South East Asian Technical University Consortium (SEATUC5) Symposium. 24-25 February 2011. Hanoi, Vietnam.

6. Aziz, N. F., & Said, I. (2010). Children used of outdoor environment: a review on the trends and influential factors. ASIA Pacific International Conference on Environment-Behaviour Studies (AicE-Bs 2010). 7-9 December 2010. Sarawak, Malaysia

7. Ghazi, N. A., Aziz, N. F., & Mat Yasin, S. (2010). A comparison on the grounded philosophy of modern and Islamic science methods: a review. 2nd International Conference on Islamic Science and Technology (ISTech 2010). 20-21 October 2010. Johor Bahru, Malaysia.

Colloquium (2)

1. Aziz, N. F., Yatiman, N. A., & Said, I. (2013). Developing maps of affordances for children’s environmental learning at primary schools in Malaysia. UTM-SNU Colloquium. 5-12 May 2013. Seoul National University, Korea.

2. Aziz, N. F. (2012). Children’s favourite places and disliked places in school grounds: a comparison study between urban and rural schools in Johor, Malaysia. GIRG-CASA Colloquium. 25 April 2012. National University of Singapore, Singapore.

Book Chapter (in press) (1)

1. Play Grounds’ Affordances: The Outdoor Environment as Children’s Play Spaces. In Geographies of Children and Young People. Play, Recreation, Health and Well Being. Publisher: Springer.

Report (1)

1. Developing Maps of Affordances for Children’s Environmental Learning at Primary Schools in Malaysia. Final Report GUP, Vot: QJ130000.7121.00H58.

Poster (1)


1. Children’s Environment: What Adults Take for Granted?



·         Best Postgraduate Student Award, 54th Convocation Ceremony, Universiti Teknologi Malaysia, April 2015.

·         Second Place Winner, Three-Minute Thesis Competition (Faculty Level), Faculty of Built Environment, Universiti Teknologi Malaysia, March 2014.

Fellowships and Scholarships

·         Hadiah Skim Latihan Akademik IPTA (SLAI Scholarship), 2010-2014

·         Federal Scholarship (JPA Scholarship), 2004-2007

·         POSCO Asia Fellowship, POSCO TJ Park Foundation, Korea, 2006