I am convinced built environment knowledge in the form of state-of-the-art education can transform the nation towards a more sustainable future. Through the HEBAT aspiration of USM, at HBP, we will nurture our students to not just fill the gap and space as viable work forces, but rather to be able to innovate, to grow and mature as unique individuals, confident and articulate, blessed with creative thinking skills and imbued with an entrepreneurial mind set, to not merely be a job seeker, but to flourish as a job creator. With an emphatic and proactive disposition, we trust our graduates to impact positively on society and stand shoulder to shoulder with their global counterparts.

The latest World Bank report on education and employment clearly outlined a future with expectations and demands of skill sets and knowledge that are related to digital technology. At HBP we are constantly reviewing, reinventing and transforming our syllabus to meet the future expectations of the world. 

During their time in HBP, we strive to ENABLE our students to bring the best out of themselves in their academic pursuits and would make every effort to ENSURE our students and researchers thrive within a fully supportive environment for knowledge discovery to enable the highest possible performance level and to consequently attain a reputation of high scholastic achievements and outstanding academic endeavours.

As students in the various professional fields of built environment i.e. Architects, Interior Architects, Landscape Architects, Building Engineering Technologists, Quantity Surveyors, Building Surveyors, Urban Planners, and Construction Project Managers, we expect our students to contribute to and become productive members of HBP, and later to society, the nation and eventually transcending that to the whole world.

As postgraduate researchers, with researches that address real world problems, we will train, nurture and supervise, with the aim to enable them to be able to improve the life of the people and society as well as to help industries and facilitate practitioners to enhance their ability to innovate and look forward positively into the future.

Welcome to HBP… a place where you are encouraged to unleash all your potential and BE ALL THAT YOU CAN BE!

                                                                                            Assoc. Prof. Ir. Dr. Abdul Naser Abdul Ghani



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