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B. Sc. HBP (Quantity Surveying)


A key function of a quantity surveyor in the construction industry is to ensure efficiency in the financial management of building and civil engineering projects. The role of a quantity surveyor in the built environment requires them to work closely with various parties in a project such as professional design consultants, contractors and the developers. The continuous evaluation of the Quantity Surveying programme by the prestigious Board of Quantity Surveyors Malaysia (BQSM) and rigorous accreditation procedures by international associations such as the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS), the Pacific Association of Quantity Surveyors (PAQS) and The Chartered Institute of Building (CIOB) to ensure that the students undergo an excellent programme that shapes creativity and innovative skills, sharpens professionalism and heightens confidence.

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Courses & Syllabus

A. Core Courses
• RUS104 - Integrated Studio I
• RUS105 - Integrated Studio 2
• RQG131 - Principles of Quantity Surveying
• RAG161 - Building Construction I
• RQS201 - Quantity Surveying Studio I
• RQS202 - Quantity Surveying Studio 2
• RQG236 - Measurement 1
• RQG237 - Measurement 2
• RQK255 - Professional Practice for Quantity Surveyors
• RQG356 - Cost Management
• RUL274 - Compulsory Practical Training
• RQS303 - Quantity Surveying Studio 3
• RQS304 - Quantity Surveying Studio 4
• RQL371 - Quantity Surveying Final year Project
B. Elective Courses
• RAG121 - Environmental Science I
• REG163 - Theory of Structures 1
• RAG132 - Introduction to Built Environment & Human Settlement*
• RMK153 - Principles of Construction Economics*
• RMK252 - Principles of Project Management*
• RMK254 - Legal Studies*
• REG261 - Building Services*
• RAG265 - Building Construction 2*
• REG265 - Infrastructure Technology *
• RQB261 – Measurement*
• RMK354 - Construction Law *
• RMK362 – Construction and Finance Management 1*
• REG361 - Methods of Construction
• RQG355 – Management, Sustainability and International

* Recommended courses

Job Prospects

Since the first batch of student enrolled in 1998, our graduates are in great demand from the construction industry. The programme’s professional recognitions convince potential employers on the high quality of our graduates. Students are often offered employment even before they have officially graduated. Quantity Surveying offers a wide scope of work in the construction industry and plays a key role from the inception phase until the completion of the construction phase. Common work scope of a graduate quantity surveyor is to provide cost plans and estimates of the project, advise on cost-effective solutions in the construction and design methods, produce tender and contract documentation, advise on contractual and procurement matters, monitor and control the construction cost, as well as facilitate disputing contracting parties.


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