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Reaching Homeless

Inspired by the previous ‘Reach out the Homeless’ that was organized by Studio 300, students from Studio 200 Construction Management decided to help out homeless people by offering them dinner, in collaboration with Kechara Soup Kitchen, one of the Penang’s homeless-service agency, and Restoran Kassim Mustafa.

The students along with their lecturers, distributed about 100 packs of food and bottled water at three following locations: Penang Road, Little India and Penang City Stadium, from 10:00 pm to 12:00 midnight.

We all need to come together and help build up our community. Learning about homeless would promote student involvement in the community and the chance to give back.

We appreciated the efforts of “Reach out the Homeless 2.0” programme! Here is a video showing students reach out and help people in need.