Quantity Surveying graduates testimonials

Quantity Surveying graduates testimonials


Nurul Zahirah Mokhtar Azizi (Graduated year 2009)

I am currently working as an Assistant Professor at Heriot-Watt University Malaysia. I think I owe a part of success to the experiences I gained while studying the quantity surveying program in USM. On top of learning the important theoretical knowhow of QS, I developed many other valuable skills like good communication, independent learning, problem-solving, time management, teamwork, adaptability, working well under pressure, and maintaining a positive attitude. These skills helped me to shine in interviews, work comfortably among colleagues, and manage job tasks effectively. I was also able to build my self-confidence and move seamlessly across three international organizations throughout my career. I am pleased to say that my experiences as a student at USM has played an essential role in making me the person I am today.




Eunice Hong Zhe Leen (Graduated year 2015)

I’m currently working as a Quantity Surveyor in Singapore. Being a student of the Quantity Surveying programme in USM has equipped me with important soft skills applicable in my working life – I am able to communicate well with others, perform under pressure and solve problems independently. I was trained to be proactive and to think critically as well. Besides that, USM QS has instilled me with the core values of professionalism. What I like most about this programme is that it is conducted in a 'learn through fun' way, and being part of the RICS Conference and studio trip planning team is definitely one of my fondest memories in USM QS. I had a wonderful time studying in USM and am grateful to be part of it.

Jared Lim Sze Ying (Graduated year 2015)

When I reflect on my three years in the Quantity Surveying programme in USM, I conclude that the experience not only prepared me for my role as a Quantity Surveyor, but also played and essential role in making me the person I am today. The programme has been a great learning experience for me and prepared me in unpredictable ways for my career. Having been shaped over the three years, I found myself able to communicates, works as part of a team and solving problems in ways that enabled me to build a successful career.


Tan Chen Huan (Graduated year 2015)

"Be bold, be courageous, be your best"
Former Rep. Gabrielle Giffords, 2013

The core value that lives within us – the graduates, through 3 years of Quantity Surveying programme in USM. It certainly well prepared us; in practical skills, conversing & industrial knowledge. As for me, great global insights & teachings has been helpful in dealing with international clients such as IBM, Experian & Genpact.

Currently I’m working as a Quantity Surveyor at Quill Group of



Khor Kai Diy ( Graduated year 2015)

I am currently working as a quantity surveyor in Davis Langdon KPK (S) Pte Ltd. Studying the Quantity Surveying programme in USM Penang not only equipped me with the theoretical knowledge about quantity surveying in construction industry, it also developed my soft skills especially communication skills, presentation skills, durability, problem solving which are much needed and important in such challenging industry. Hence, I think the programme and lecturers are doing very well in preparing us to be mentally strong and tough for what's coming in our way in our career. Lastly, I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the lecturers that help me to become a better person today.


Loo Shiau Fen (Graduated year 2015)

I am currently working as a quantity surveyor at Davis Langdon KPK (Singapore) Pte Ltd. I strongly believe that I owe a huge debt of gratitude towards USM Quantity Surveying Programme as the experience and knowledge I gained from the programme have aided me immensely in my career. The programme was intense, demanding and yet interesting, joyful and inspiring. High intensity of the programme has prepared me for the demanding and ever changing industry. I was trained to be more resilient and more committed. Other than that, I was fortunate enough to have the top-drawer lecturers in the programme. Not only I was being taught the cornerstone knowledge of quantity surveying, more importantly, they carry the professionalism and professionality as a quantity surveyor with them. This has essentially shaped me on the way I conduct myself towards my colleagues and project team members. Lecturers in the programme inspired me and I will always look up to them as my role models. Going to USM QS programme is the perhaps the best decision in my life as my learning experience over here is something that is far beyond the four walls of the classroom which I will carry for the rest of my life.



Tan Bao Yun (Graduated year 2015)

"Work ethically and professionally" -- these words conclude what I have learnt from USM's Quantity Surveying course. Ethics and professionalism are important traits in our industry and it is my personal belief that the course teaches and embodies these values from the very start. I have improved and gained a lot while studying in USM due to its unique environment which you are unable to find elsewhere.
As a Quantity Surveyor III (also known as project QS) in Davis Langdon KPK (S) Pte Ltd, I face different scenarios on a daily basis such as advising clients, guiding consultants and providing cost studies for various projects. As such, I am appreciative that we have been taught the importance of work ethics and professionalism during our undergraduate years at USM. The course's syllabus is robust and well-planned, sharpening students' mindset and soft skills. I believe that all USM Quantity Surveying graduates enter the workforce as confident individuals, capable of problem solving and working with others effectively.

I am glad to say that my learning journey at USM created a better me and has led me to a rightful path whenever I have any doubts at work.



Tang Zi Hong (Graduated year 2015)

I am currently working as Assistant Quantity Surveyor at Kuantibina Sdn. Bhd. When I step in USM, money and construction are the only things I could think of quantity surveying. In this well designed quantity surveying programme, it have covered most of the knowledge I need in my work today. On top of that, all lecturers in this programme are outstanding, we are grateful to have them in this programme. Beside the theoretical aspect, this programme has equipped me with soft skills, communication skills, analytical and problem solving skills. USMQS has did their best in shaping me and my course mates from zero to hero. Thank you USM quantity surveying programme for helping me pave my early career.