B. Sc. HBP (Urban and Regional Planning)


A course in Urban and Regional Planning at HBP involves a broad-based interdisciplinary approach with the purpose of producing urban and regional planners. Students who undertake this course will be trained to understand and apply planning theories and practices in a holistic manner. A physical planner deals with the planning of a physical development at a macro scale. These include working on the developments of new townships, regenerating and revitalising of existing urban and rural areas.

Courses & Syllabus

At HBP, students are trained to develop a high intellectual ability in order to be analytical and critical when analysing planning options, making forecasts as well as evaluating planning options. With sustainable development being a key issue, students are exposed to innovative and proactive planning approaches in dealing with physical and socio-economic issues.

A. Core Courses
• RPS104 - Integrated Studio
• RPS106 - Design Studio
• RPK131 - Principles of Planning
• RPK133 - Methods of Planning Analysis
• RPS205 - Planning Studio 1
• RPS206 - Planning Studio 2
• RPG235 - Geographic Information System and Computer Aided Design for Planning
• RPS307 - Planning Studio 3
• RPS308 - Planning Studio 4
• RPK331 - Theory and Philosophy of Planning
• RPK333 - Methodology and Technique of Research
• RPK359 - Planning Law
• RPS409 - Planning Studio 5
• RPK439 - Professional Practice in Urban palnning
• RPK472 - Urban Regional Planning Research Project
• RUL474 - Compulsory Practical Training
B. Elective Courses
• RAG121 – Environmental Science 1
• RPK123 – Planning and Environmental Conservation
• RAG132 - Introduction to Built Environment & Human Settlement
• RPK221 - Landscape Planning
• RPK223 - Tourism Planning and Development
• REG232 - Land Survey
• RPK232 - Urban Design
• RPK238 – Sustainable Development Planning
• RPK334 – Traffic and Transportation Planning
• RMK336 – Valuation
• RPK343 - Social Aspects in Planning
• RAK345 - Housing Studies
• RPK351 - Urban and Regional Economics
• RMK357 - Land Administration
• RPK435 – Regional and rural Planning

*Recommended courses

Job Prospects

Students who have successfully completed this 4 program years will obtain a Bachelor of Urban & Regional Planning, which is a professional degree recognised by the Malaysian Institute of Planners (MIP) and Lembaga Perancang Bandar Malaysia (LPBM). There are wide career opportunities in the field of Urban and Regional Planning, graduates can either opt to work in private firms or government agencies.