The Master of Architecture Programme at the School of Housing, Building & Planning is a two-year course which is equivalent to the LAM Part II accreditation upon successful completion. This is a continuation of Bachelor of Science HBP (Architecture) or a similar Degree from other local universities or abroad with LAM Part I accreditation or equivalent. The course objective is to train future architects to be competent in exploring the design process and related skills vital to a professional architect. It also provides opportunities for students to conduct a special area of study on contemporary issues such as sustainability, special technologies, conservation or other areas of special interests.
Core Courses      
  Architecture Studio 5 and 6
• Design Thesis 1 and 2
• Energy Efficient Building Design Technology
• Research Project 1 and 2
• Building Technology Integration
• Professional Practice in Architecture 1 and 2
• Architecture Critics
• Architecture in Urban Design
• BIM Integration in Architecture
• Housing Regulations and Practice
Design Thesis
In the final year, students are expected to complete an independent design thesis study of a challenging typology that suits their interest and touches on wider architectural issues. The course promotes a holistic green approach in design, combining energy efficiency, optimum indoor environmental quality and other relevant green criteria to produce future architects who are energy conscious, forward thinking and sensitive to the environment that can offer revolutionary and innovative solutions for future needs. Students are also expected to be sensitive to physical, social and cultural while developing a strong philosophical mindset, within an array of contemporary issues and styles. A key objective is to produce designers who possess critical and analytical thinking, with creative design solving capabilities for the needs of a globalised future.
Admission Requirements
I.   Fulfill the general requirements of USM’s Graduate School
II.  Candidate should hold a good first degree in Bachelor of Science HBP (Architecture), USM or Bachelor of Architecture (equivalent to LAM Part I) from other universities of higher institutions accredited by the Board of Architects Malaysia (LAM)
III. Hold a CGPA minimum of 2.75 for the Bachelor of Science HBP (Architecture) or from other universities or institutions with equivalent of LAM Part I with at least 6 months of working experience in relevent fields after graduation (a requirement from LAM)
IV.  If candidates’ CGPA is in the range of 2.5 – 2.74, one year minimum of working experience after graduation is required in relevent fields (a requirement from LAM)
V.  If candidates’ CGPA is in the range of 2.0 – 2.49, five years minimum of working experience after graduation is required in relevent fields (a requirement from LAM)
VI. Successful in the interview process.
Language Requirement
(Applicable for International Applicants Only)
• A minimum score of 550 in TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language), or
• A minimum score of 6.0 in IELTS (International English Language Testing System).
• Results must be attached with the application form.
• Full-time Only: Minimum 4 semesters / 2 years and Maximum 8 semesters / 4 years
Courses by Semesters