Postgraduate (MSc.)


Nurturing a Sustainable Built Environment through Holistic Higher Education.



HBP is a leading, broad-based multidisciplinary school in built environment studies, fostering excellent education, research, consultancy and community engagement that empowers future talents as leaders in enhancing the quality of life of the bottom billions.



  1. To create holistic intellectual capital by producing competent graduates in the built environment field for a more sustainable future.
  2. To engage in state of the art research promoting knowledge discovery and innovation in a sustainable built environment through a multidisciplinary approach.
  3. To deliver quality consultancy and contract research in cultivating smart universityindustry partnership.
  4. To enhance community engagement for socio-economic transformation through collaborative outreach programs.
  5. To pursue professional leadership and global recognition in academics and research through international collaborative endeavors.


Masters of Science (MSc)
 Mixed Mode
MSc in Building Technology
MSc in Tourism Development
MSc in Building Technology
MSc in Project Management 
Master of Architecture
Master of Landscape Architecture

TIME TABLE  SEM 1 2020/2021

Admission Requirements:
i)  A Bachelor  Degree (Honours) in a related  area with:
  • CGPA of  at least 2.75; or
  • CGPA less than 2.75, it is subjected to additional requirements by the University and the School


ii)  Other academic or profesional qualification accepted by USM

 Please refer to the individual programme details
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