On 27 January 2016, a press conference been held regarding to the harvesting of silver prize in Pencipta15 exhibiton by Building Technology Postgraduate research students with their exhibited products -- cementless concrete. The research project is leaded by Dr Cheah Chee Ban. Acoording to Dr Cheah, cementless concrete, a concrete without using cement as main binder, otherwise, industrial by-product such as PFA (Pulverised Fuel Ash), HCWA(High Calcium Wood Ash) and GGBS (Ground Granulated Blast Furnace Slag) are been used  as main binder. These cementlss concrete is using low amount of chemical for alkaline activation purpose, which is safe to handle. Cementless concrete successfully achieving the similar or beyond the grade and quality of conventional cement concrete as such required in construction practice. 

The research been  carried out for 3 years, with the sponsor from the grant under Ministry of Higher Education, which is about RM 230,000. The cementless concrete is expected to launch into the market in June. The selling price is about RM 150 - RM 170 per meter cube, which is cheaper than selling price price of cement concrete taht is about RM 180 - RM 250 per meter cube.  

Dr Cheah Chee Ban (Left num 2) and his research team showing their cementless concrete product (Photo source: news.usm.my )

Dr Cheah(Left) showing cementless concrete to Professor Dato Dr Ahmad Shukri Mustapha Kamal, deputy vice chancellor of USM