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Concrete & Structure Lab

 The School has two innovative laboratories for the purposes of teaching, research and consultancy in the areas of structure and concrete technology.

A. Structural Laboratory

The following equipment is available in the lab:

  • Friction on Incline Plane Apparatus
  • Torsion Bar Apparatus
  • Continuous Beam Apparatus
  • Roof Truss Apparatus
  • Portal Frame Apparatus
  • Shear Force and Bending Moment Apparatus
  • Reaction of Beam Apparatus
  • Torsee Universal Testing Machine 50T
  • Torsee Universal Wood Testing Machine 10T
  • Gotech Universal Testing Machine 50T
  • Diamond Bar Bender

B. Concrete & Cement Lab

B1. Materials Testing Equipment

    • Screen Shaker, Test Sieve, Riffling Box etc.
    • Los Angeles Abrasion Machine
    • Sodium Sulfate Soundness Test Equipment
    • Infra Red Oven/Air Ventilated Oven
    • Rock/Slag Crusher

B2. Mix and Testing Fresh Concrete

    • Slump Test Apparatus
    • Compacting Factor Apparatus
    • Mortar/Concrete Mixer
    • Vibrating Table/Rod Vibrator
    • Steel Mould (Cube/Prism)

B3. Hardened Concrete Testing (destructive testing)

    • Autotest 3000 BS/ELE Compression Testing (Digital) Machine
    • 50 kN Flexural Testing Machine
    • Soiltest Compression Machine (Analog)
    • Magnus Frame Apparatus (Frame & Loading Hydraulic Motor)

B4. Hardened Concrete Testing (non-destructive testing)

    • PUNDIT Ultrasonic Concrete Tester
    • Surface Hardness Testing (Schmidt Hammer)
    • Crack Detection Microscope
    • Multi Position Strain Gauge (Digital)
    • Concrete Permeability Equipment

B5. Cement Testing

    • Initial/Final Setting Time Test (Vicat Apparatus) - Auto
    • Determination of Cement Finess Apparatus
    • Bricquette Appratus

C. Other Equipments

  • Calibration Device
  • Hollow Block Making Machine/Steel Moulds
  • Drill Hammer
  • Concrete/Masonry Cutter
  • Foaming Equipment
  • Balance (Heavy Duty/Digital)
  • Husk Disk Mill Machine
  • Accelerated Curing Tank
  • Air Compressor
  • Digital Calliper
  • Concrete Coring Machine & Diamond Core

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