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Welcome to School of Housing, Building & Planning

Welcome to the School of Housing, Building and Planning (HBP) at Universiti Sains Malaysia, a beacon of innovation and passion in the realm of built environment studies. More than just an academic institution, we envision the built environment as the very essence of life, where vision, creativity, and innovation converge with an unwavering passion that fuels our endeavors.

We set ourselves apart by seamlessly integrating seven diverse fields into a comprehensive learning journey. Strong in fundamentals yet dynamic in adapting to change, we don't claim superiority over others; rather, we believe in the strength of togetherness. Forge, weave, foster – these are the principles that underpin our belief in the power of connections and relationships.

As the world evolves, we embrace change wholeheartedly, ensuring that our academic content remains contemporary and relevant. Integrating essentials like landscape architecture to project management; tourism development to studies in creativity, efficiency and innovation, HBP traverses the built environment to capture the zeitgeist that will allow us to be eternally relevant.

Guided by the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals, we are dedicated to nurturing a sustainable built environment through holistic higher education. We believe in finding the delicate balance between progress and prosperity, aiming to facilitate a life truly lived through the built environment.

Driven by academic vigor, research, and consultancy, we converge the entire spectrum of built environment studies with fusion and flair. Just like how different building materials bind to create form, function, structure and space; the aesthetics of Architecture, the precision of Building Engineering Technology, the veracity of Building Surveying, the command of Construction Project Management, the intricacies of Interior Architecture, the technicalities of Quantity Surveying and the expanse of Urban & Regional Planning all fuse together to create an experience that not only enhances the mind but emboldens lives.

HBP, Housing Ideas, Building Lives, Planning Future.

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